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    Command line to silenty convert tiff to pdf

    cecil_REpro Level 1


      We name blueprints as tiffs using custom software and then convert them to pdf via the dc pro file creation dialogue.

      Third party libraries are way too slow and the resulting pdf isn't always functional.

      I have had zero, I mean zero, luck actually finding the API documentation for C#(or anything else) to let me just open and insert, then save a pdf using the adobe native libraries. It's kind of irritating actually. and by that I mean, infuriating. I see no need we should pay an extra $799 a seat for a performant 3rd party library when acrobat.dll is already here on the machine.


      I am hoping there is a way to use the command line to just :


      Acrobat.exe /source_tif_Name  /Dest_PdfName


      but so far have found no documenation to even nudge me in the right direction.

      At this point, I'd prefer to just silently tell acrobat to convert them, equivalent to File -> Create Multiple etc...



      as an aside - PDF Sharp and the other free libraries I have tried are taking roughly 6-8 times as long as the adobe file creator, and again, their end result produces enough bad files to make them non viable.

      Thanks folks!