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    Previews and thumbnails not showing up?  Can I trash preview folder without loosing adjustments?

    John Konkal

      I had to bring my Apple tower in for repair.  Lightroom catalogs and images are on an external Drobo.  I used my laptop to work on the catalogs until my tower was fixed. The tower had a fresh instal of OS.  I had them transfer the home folder from the laptop direct onto the tower to keep all my changes.  Now when I open some of catalogs everything loads normal except I can't see any thumbnails and if I double click on an image the box opens big but no image.


      The images are there and the catalog knows where they are.  I checked permissions on some of the Lightroom catalogs and fixed the permissions.  No change.


      I plugged my laptop back into the drobo and all is fine.


      I tried rebuilding the previews and it looks like it does rebuild them but no show??


      I think i should maybe trash the previews folder and rebuild it from scratch.  I don't want to l lose my adjustments or ratings.


      Can someone please help?