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    shortcuts and wacom tablet now working with cs6

    Abiy BattleSpell

      title says it all no keyboard shortcuts work when i use photoshop and tablet


      tried in other program online and wouldnt draw there either


      keyboard like wht actually types works fine i can type letters in other programs etc.... i mean i typed this so ya


      wht fixes it is using my mouse to clik ps cs6 or out of the screen then bak which is annoying when it happens every few strokes or shortcuts


      this didnt help much Keyboard shortcuts stop working in Photoshop


      also tried reinstalling both drivers fr wacom tablet and all of ps cs6


      if its helps its the adobe creatice suite 6 design standard education edition


      also was using 64 bit version of ps


      also the tablet is a intuos 5 touch pth 450