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    Wobbly lines in Photoshop CC 2017

    jeremyr23092372 Level 1

      Hey guys and gals!


      First time posting - 'cause I'm simply getting frustrated.


      So in Photoshop I'll start getting wobbly lines after a few minutes of work. After a bit of trial and error, I realized that going into the display settings and moving one of the monitors (not physically) a little and apply it - I'd not longer have wobbly lines in Photoshop. Though the problem would show itself again after a few minutes of work. So that's my (hopefully) temporary solution that doesn't really fix the problem.


      Things I've done to try and fix the problem:

      1. I've unplugged all monitors except for my 24HD Wacom Cintiq, then reset the computer, but the problem persisted.
      2. All drivers are up to date and working.
      3. Reverted back to legacy drivers.
      4. Deleted drivers and reinstalled them.
      5. Moved other monitors away from the 24HD Wacom Cintiq
      6. Turned off Windows Ink.
      7. Deleted all native windows drivers for tablets.
      8. Adjusted the performance and scratch disk settings in Photoshop - included turning on/off OpenCL
      9. Moved scratch disk to a 1TB external hard drive.
      10. Reverted to an old saved state for windows.
      11. Tested other programs - they work great and without wobbly lines, including; Manga Studio, Illustrator, Animate, SAI, and online drawing pads.
      12. I may have done more - but that's all I remember.

      I know that maybe to other people it wobble doesn't seem glaringly apparent - but trust me when I say it's definitely there!



      This is severely messing with my work flow - as a professional artist, this is torture! Please help. I've added a photo, video, and computer specs below.


      Link to system specs:


      Smooth lines on left, wobbly lines on right.


      Video of the problem and my temp solution:


      Thanks everyone.