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    Embed/Create Flash CS3 video from AVI

      Hi, for some reason I cannot make a flash video from an AVI that shows the video... the audio is playing but not video. The AVI is about 4 min long, 120 MB (are there size limits?), I did the import video option, (selected new file for action script 2.0 btw, thought it would be more compatible than 3.0?), then "Progressive download from web server", tried BOTH high quality flash 8 and 7 (do i have ot use medium setting??), chose a skin (steel....), and finish....

      Not sure what else can go wrong there, seems way too simple.... then I saved the FLA as instructed, then published, and opened it as a SWF in flash player and tried opening in IE or Firefox, and still, all audio, no video at all. Help! Thank you.