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    Photoshop CC 2017 unable to see installed profiles after updating from 2015.5

    Michael Paul Wyman Level 1

      Computer:   iMac with Mac Os 11.6 

      Photo Shop 2015.5 

      Printer Epson 2880


      After my client  updated to CC 2017 she was not able to see the Printer profiles that she uses to print with.   They were  missing from the  Printer Profile Dropdown menu in the Photoshop Print Settings Dialogue box.   The stock epson papers are there but nun of the additional ones that were installed for other manufactures paper.   But these profiles are available to both the OS via Preview and Lightroom CC.  Just not to Photoshop.


      Steps taken so far to solve problem.

      Uninstalled and reinstalled printer.

      Changed Permissions in the ColorSync directories so the everyone has rights to them.  Both under user and system.  

      Made sure the profiles were in the correct directory and also put them in the system directory    (user\Library\ColorSync\profiles) and Mac HD\Library\ColorSync\Profiles

      Uninstalled and Reinstalled CC 2017

      Reinstalled CC 2015.5   (currently this is the version I left installed.)


      Restarted the Mac after Trying each of the above steps


      Still nothing I have done has solve the issue.   It seems that the directory that these profiles are in is hidden to PS but not to Lightroom?


      So how do I make this directory available to Photoshop like it was before.