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    Issues with saving images using bridge/PS/ into dropbox.com


      ok so here it is - I have a dropbox.com folder with photos I need to PS. I use bridge to open the folder then click the image to open it in PS. I use the QuickSelection Tool to select what I want to make a mask of. Once the part i want is selected, I right click to feather the edges. Then I click the Image tab to convert the image to grayscale. Then I go to the layers and I duplicate the main layer. With that dup layer I then hit the mask button. Now I only influence the selection I want. then I add a posterized layer to the selection then an exposure layer.

      Then I select all my layers and merge them into one. Then I go to the File tab and save. I save it as a .TIFF file. (I know there are different options when saving as a TIFF, however I touch change any of them) Once I save it in PS. then it goes to Bridge and it looks fine, HOWEVER, in dropbox.com I now have my image selection with a black background....

      I have done this same process before, almost a full year now and never had any issues and now Im getting this.... Help please

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          Trevor.Dennis Adobe Community Professional

          Have you tried downloading the image from Dropbox and opening it in Photoshop?  I have a feeling that you will find that the transparency is still there.  You see this when pasting GIFs with a transparent background into Photoshop as JPGs.  It doesn't work.  You have to download the file and open it as a GIF and the transparency will be honoured.


          I will be very interested to know if this is what is happening, so please report back to us.