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    Changing Pen thickness in Acrobat on iPad Pro


      Is there a way to change the thickness and other properties of the PEN tool in Acrobat using iPad Pro w/ pen?  I cannot seem to bring up any sort of menu or adjustments for this.

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          Akki_24 Adobe Employee

          Hi Toddleo,


          I assume you are referring to the thickness of the Drawing Tool in Adobe Acrobat Reader mobile application?

          Yes, you can change the thickness of the tool.


          2- Once you have saved, just tap on the drawing that you have done.

          3- Options will come up as Delete> Thickness> Color> Opacity

          4- Select Thickness > (0.5pt, 1pt, 3pt, 5pt, 7pt, 9pt, 11,pt)> Save

          5- The particular thickness will be set as default.