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    Photoshop New File Dialogue


      Hello folks.  New to CC and having an issue with creating a new file.  I am running an Alienware Aurora R4 with triple monitor setup.  When I click on File / New, I am presented with a new window that I am unable to resize or manipulate in any way.  I am assuming that the window is trying to have me input information about the new file that I want to create, but I am unable to see anything to do it.  You can see a screenshot below.  The "new window" dialogue is is exactly in the center of the screen and extremely narrow.  I am unable to tell what prompts are there, and cannot resize it.  I can only proceed from this point if I am click the very little sliver of a blue circle down on the bottom of that window.  Would love to know how to reset this dialogue box to open normally.  Your help is greatly appreciated.



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          ReesAerials Level 1

          Forgot to post this... I can go into preferences and use the legacy file new option, and I get a screen that is the proper width and height.  This is only an issue when attempting to use the CC New File

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            JJMack Most Valuable Participant

            Photoshop is not a file editor. Files are opened into Photoshop documents which you edit. You can also create new document. What you are showing is Photoshop's new Start workspace.  You can edit your Photoshop preferences and uncheck show Start workspace then when you start Photoshop you will not get the new Start workspace that shows the recent files you opened or saved and the option to create new documents. Photoshop will open like it did in older versions of Photoshop

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              davescm Adobe Community Professional

              When something strange like that happens I would reset preferences.


              Go to Preferences and click on Reset Preferences on Quit - then restart Photoshop



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                ReesAerials Level 1


                Thank you for your response, but it does not address my issue.  I am aware of what Photoshop is for and what the Start Workspace is.  My question addressed the size of the dialogue box that is pictured in the screenshot above.  When I select NEW or CTRL-N to create a new document, the dialogue box to choose the preferences or presets for the new file I am about to create is extremely narrow, and does not allow me to resize it, effectively making it impossible to create a new document without reverting to the Legacy method of creating new files. 


                If you click on the screenshot that I have attached, you will see the dialogue box in the center of the image.  If is VERY narrow and I do not know how to make it change its size. 

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                  ReesAerials Level 1

                  Thank you Davescm.  I actually did that... no joy.  But thank you for the response.


                  <EDIT>  davescm, I drug the Photoshop window over to my primary display, maximized the display in that screen, reset the preferences again, then closed.  Viola!  The Dialogue box now opens normally!!  Thanks.


                  As an aside to someone that may have this issue: My primary monitor is running directly off of my graphics card, while my other two monitors are running off of a Matrox TripleHead2Go.  I am not sure if that may have had something to do with it.  When I switched Photoshop to open on my primary display and then reset the preferences, all was good.

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                    davescm Adobe Community Professional



                    My next step would be to use the CC Desktop app to uninstall then reinstall Photoshop. It's a fairly quick process


                    If that still didn't work uninstall again and run the CC cleaner tool then before re-installing

                    Use the Creative Cloud Cleaner Tool to solve installation problems



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                      davescm Adobe Community Professional

                      I've just seen your Edit - glad you're sorted now



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                        Chances are, someone has decided for whatever reason that you should not be able to use the software you paid for because either they don't like your face or else they have an economic or political motive to block you. I had this problem with this platform numerous times and it is despicable. I never got my money's worth from this software package, that's all I know. ~C