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    How to change time ruler time.


      (Windows) I'm able to change the time code by control clicking on the timer on the top left of the time line panel. However I am not able to change the ruler thing.timeline.PNG

      You see how it is in frames and not seconds? I want it in seconds.

      Previously (I'm a beginner) I just double clicked on the ruler.


      Thank you for the help.


      After Effects CC 2017

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          Gutterfish Adobe Community Professional

          Assuming your project is set to 29.97 fps, is that screenshot of the entire timeline?  If so then your composition is not even 1 second long.  Either that or you are just zoomed into your timeline (viewing less than 1 second of it.)


          For example if you a 30 second composition and you are zoomed all the way out (viewing the entire length of your work area) you will see hashmarks representing seconds.  If you drag the timeline bar (the skinny one above the timeline ruler) in eventually you will see the frame hash marks in between the seconds.  You will notice the numbers only go up to a certain number and then repeat.  Each one of those cycle represents a second.


          Does that make sense?  I might be describing it very sloppily.

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            jamess37202265 Level 1

            I'm zoomed all the way out there, and my compistions is longer than that. But it seems too just have been a bug as its returned back to normal on other compositions. Thanks anyways

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              Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              The problem is the zoom level in the timeline. This is also controlled by the length of the comp.


              If your time display is showing timecode, hours, minutes, seconds and frames then the ruler in the timeline is in hours seconds and minutes. If you want it to just display seconds then it has to be long enough to just show the seconds or you have to zoom in on the timeline (little icon at the bottom left of the timeline that looks like big and little mountains with a slider).


              AE UI Basic knowledge that you can find in the help files.