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    Constrain Tool Shortcut Change [Surface Pro]


      Hello! I need some help with a shortcut on my Photoshop: the constrain tool. I have a Surface Book, which has a very handy detachable screen and pen. But whenever I'm in tablet mode, I can't use the shortcuts on my keyboard. This usually isn't a problem, unless I need to adjust the size of an object while keeping the object's dimensions. So my question: how do I change the constrain shortcut from holding down Shift to a button on my mouse? I have a gaming mouse that has extra buttons on the side: I was hoping to be able to change the shortcut to one of those buttons, but I can't seem to be able to find the constrain shortcut in the Change Shortcut menu. If changing the shortcut is not possible, then is there some way to scale an object to proportion without holding Shift? I have Adobe Photoshop CC on a Surface Book (first generation). Help! Thanks!