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    My offer how to improve LR

      I've written about theese features few times from in-app quiz form, but still have no reaction or answers.


      First, please, make it possible to switch automatically in LR from Develop module to Library module when user trying to drag and drop pictures from windows explorer (trying to import pictures to LR catalog). As you all know, users can import files without entering "import" dialog in menu, just when the program is in Library mode. It can make me mad many times a day - to switch the app from D to Library! Or make it possible to drop new pictures in Develop mode. Think about it please!


      And second. Please, make new feature in white balance settings. Often I need "WB: as shot, but with correcting coefficient" - there are a lot of cases when I have to develop hundreds of pictures from places with coloured covers wich affect the WB sensor in camera.