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    Problem with Object Style and InDesign Template

    Warren Bingham Level 1

      I've had a problem develop with a template we use regularly. In the template, I have an Object Style which uses the Paragraph Style (and Next Style features), so you can style the text in the frame as well as set the attributes of the frame. When I am working (in CC2017) with the template, the style (including top inset spacing, bottom inset spacing, paragraph and next styles as well as the first baseline offset all work.

      When I create a file based on the template, the first baseline offset, paragraph style and next style and bottom inset spacing don't apply. When you look at the list of paragraph styles, the name has a + at the end indicating an override (but I haven't chosen any).

      If I click the Clear Overrides (under the list of Object Styles), nothing changes. If I option-shift click on the style name in the Object Styles palette, nothing changes. However, if I go into the Text Frame Options of the object and change them to the values in the template, the plus sign disappears.

      This is slowing up our workflow because we can't depend on an Object Style to work (although it is consistently not working). I've wondered about a script to make the changes manually so they will have the right settings, but I think this isn't working as it should.

      I have exported the template to an INDD and imported it again. It still has the same problem. I just tried to reproduce it in a new file, and it won't. Does anyone have an idea how I can fix this?




      Warren Bingham