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    Apps that change their functionality using JavaScriptCore


      Is this going to affect PhoneGap apps?




      I guess potentially AEM created ones that do updates outside of the App Store?



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          kerrishotts Adobe Employee

          Copying my reply from the Slack channel:


          The consensus has, thus far, been that Apple was cracking down on deploying fixes to native code using the JavaScriptCore method. This exposed the native side to MITM attacks and such, and also allowed devs to use private APIs outside of app review (whether they did or not is immaterial).



          To any concerns re: cordova/phonegap: Not all cordova apps use code push, but those that do shouldn’t be affected, because they don't allow _direct_ access to the native side (everything passes through the Cordova bridge), and they aren’t patching native code. (However, if you changed your note taking app into a MineCraft clone using a code push, Apple would probably pull the app once they noticed.)