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    Lightroom Flatten/Merge history for snapshot to continue editing with baseline


      I currently use LR to do a lot of major exposure editing. Right now after I make major changes (example to a 400 image for a wedding session at a time). I export all the images as original (raw files) with their changes after I am done the first round of editing. Make sure I have everything exported properly... then I remove the library and import the images again with all the changes that I made in round 1.

      I do this so I can make my second round of changes and check with before/after on what changes I am making to the images and make sure they are getting better. In the second round of changes... my before/after is comparing the image to when I exported it after I made my first round of major changes. Does this make sense to you. If I don't export/delete/import... the before/after only compares the image to the original import from the camera. I want to see the image with all the edits after round 1.


      Working with hundreds of images at a time... I need to "flatten/merge" all the history & changes I made to create the baseline for my second round of changes. I'm wondering if there is a better way to flatten all the changes I made in round 1 without having to export/delete/import the images? Its a dangerous process as if you mess up anything you lose your whole round of changes in round 1 which could have been multiple days worth of work.


      Im hoping to find an automated process to merge all the changes so I can come back when its done and start fresh with round 2 of editing.