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    How can I do a video like this?


      Is this video was made in After Effects? If yes, how could I do it? Is there a template for it? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j6sSQq7a_Po

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          I would think:

          1) Add a layer for the background

          2) Above it add layers for each line of text (placing them at different points in the timeline)

          3) For each line of text, add an animation preset (click on the layer with text, click on "Animation" at the top, click on "Browse Presets", find the one you want (eg. similar to the one in the video if you want) and after previewing it, click "Apply in After Effects" (or similar wording).


          After adding the anim preset the first time, doing it again for the other layers should be faster as it should show the last used preset in the menu.


          You may have to adjust the keyframe positions of the anim (or maybe ensure the cursor is at the start of it before applying it?).

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