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    Unable to change authorisation

    Sams Puzzled

      I am experiencing extreme difficulty in an attempt to use Adobe Digital Editions.

      What do I wish to achieve?

      I subscribe to a library that uses Overdrive to lend eBooks.

      Because the Overdrive reader does transfer to other eBook or e Reader devices I was advised to install and use Adobe Digital Editions.

      I have installed Adobe Digital Editions v4.5 on my computer.

      I have downloaded and saved a book from Overdrive in .acsm format, on attempting to open the file in Adobe Digital Editions I got an Unable to download error message.

      I then had problems accessing my Adobe ID account, this solved I again attempted to download a book only to obtain the same Unable to download error message.

      Thinking this was related to computer authorization I checked and found that the computer was authorized without an ID.

      Following instructions I attempted to change the computer's authorization, I entered my Adobe ID details only to receive the following message:

      You can only authorize this computer with an Adobe ID that hasn't been previously used to authorize any other computer or mobile devices. Please try again.

      The message says Please try again, I did so with the same result.

        This problem needs to be fixed.