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    Links between Buttons and Bookmarks are breaking when Table of Contents is updated



      I am using InDesign CS5 ver7 to create an interactive PDF.

      The project is a technical parts and service manual which has 3 main sections:

      1: Table of Contents

      2: Parts List section (which is set out like a table, each line has text in cells and an illustration in the far RHS cell of any given row)

      3: Service View section (which are a single pages that contain expanded tech info pertaining to each part as described in each row in the Parts List section)


      I am using Buttons and Bookmarks (go to destination) to link back and forth between the Parts List section and the Service View pages. The TOC bookmarks point to the relevant Parts List and Service View pages.


      My problem is that the links between my Buttons (in this case a thumbnail tech illustration in the Parts List) and the Bookmarks (in this case the relevant Service View page seem to break when I make a change that updates the TOC. That is to say after exporting to interactive PDF works perfectly until for example I edit text or add a page back in Indesign and re export - when I do this the vast majority of links break and I need to go back through well over 100 instances to relink.


      The document is only 63 pages so far but will grow to around 100ish.

      Am I doing something wrong?


      Thank you.