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    Problem with Digital Editions & Cloud Library


      When trying to download a book to my cloud library for my kobo, I get this message: E_Act_Not_Ready.  Also telling me that I don't have the most up to date version (which I do-downloaded yesterday!).  It then tells me to relog in with my adobe password and try again...no luck:-(  Has anyone else come across this problem and know the resolution?  Thanks in advance!

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          I was having this same issue. I originally had downloaded cloudLibrary first, then Adobe Digital Editions. Because of this I think that cloudLibrary was having issues communicating with ADE correctly. So I started over completely:

          1. Uninstall cloudLibrary
          2. Restart computer
          3. Open ADE and deauthorized my computer
          4. Reauthorize my computer in ADE
          5. Downloaded cloudLibrary


          Once I did all that, I opened cloudLibrary and was able to download my book without issues. Hope this helps!