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    Lightroom with Enable Profile Corrections automatically on by default


      Lightroom version: Lightroom version 6.8, Camera Raw 9.8

      Camera: Sony a7


      I just noticed this recently when going through my Lightroom catalog, but it would appear as though all my photos after August 26, 2016 have "Enable Profile Corrections" on by default. After searching this forum for this issue, I found a solution of:

      1. Select one un-edited photo and then go to the Develop module

      2. Turn off "Enable Profile Corrections"

      3. Develop > Set Default Settings > Update to Current Settings


      However, afterwards if I restore the settings back by:

      1. Develop > Set Default Settings > Restore Adobe Default Settings

      2. Click on "Reset" in the lower right corner

      Then "Enable Profile Corrections" is again turned on while resetting all the other develop settings. As such, my question is: did Adobe make a change sometime after August 26, 2016 to have "Enable Profile Corrections" on as a default setting? Or is something corrupted in my settings? Any response would be most appreciated.



      Thank you,