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    Troubleshooting Update Lightroom

    villas cinefoto

      Hey guys


      Using Windows 10 holme edition 64bits
      Notebook Asus Rog
      i7 4th generation
      16gb RAM
      128gb SSD
      1 TB HDD
      GTX 950m


      I am the administrator and use only one account in my machine.



      Need help with ACC patch instaler


      My Lightroom are in 2015 version
      The ACC dont find any updates automaticaly
      Downloaded the ACC Patch Instaler who show the follow error (in the image, in portuguese)



      Update Fail


      We coudnt aply the updates
      The updates were suppressed by the administrator. Please contact him to apply them on your machine.
      If the problem persists contact customer support for support.


      Things that I already did:


      Restart PC
      Able connections with firewal
      Reinstal Adobe Lightroom
      Sign Out / Sing in in ACC acount



      update erro.jpg



      And I REALY need the update, cus I own a ILCE Sony a6300, and the Lightroom only read this Camera profile in the lastest version.


      Thanks for the Help.