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    Viewing content on a secure server

      I have a requirement to keep some content secure, yet create a custom LMS using PHP and MySQL. The LMS would be on public server, but the content would be inside my clients network on it's intranet. The students would be logged in via their VPN and have access to internet and intranet servers. Would I be able to point the viewer (on an external server) to look for the .mp3 and .swf files on the intranet servers via the viewer.xml file? I tested this using two different public internet servers and couldn't get the presentation to load. It kept showing the loading page. Is this a cross-domain issue with flash?

      I know this sounds like a kludge... but I have a real reason for needing this configuration. It is that, or move everything into my clients network, which would make administration of the LMS a time consuming task.

      Thanks for any ideas.

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          catholicon Level 1
          If I remember correctly Presenter used to support a FlashVar 'baseurl' to pass on a path of data folder which is not sitting along with the viewer.swf file. Not completely sure how to use it. You would have to play around a little to get things right.

          I would suggest doing it first locally (on the same server) with viewer.swf of 1 content and data path from another.

          Then move on to fight with crossdomain.xml issue (I am sure it would hit you if you move in that direction)