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    Should I publish straight from Excel or should I use Indesign?


      Hello everyone!


      Some of my colleagues and me, we are working on an university project which requires doing an updated version of this document here: http://advocacy.ro/sites/advocacy.ro/files/files/publicatie/indrumar_randament_politic_ele ctronic1.pdf 


      We do not know how the original authors created that first version, but we were thinking of using Microsoft Excel to gather our data for the tables and charts. There are options in Excel to use a pages view and we could do most of the work straight from inside Excel, and then export as a PDF.


      My question is: should we just use Excel or should we use Indesign afterwards? How would you approach this? Are there advantages to importing the data from Excel into Indesign?


      Thank you very much! 


      Bogdan Mihai