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    blackout side panels on lightroom CC 6.9

    ninjapimp Level 1

      not sure where to post this, but anyone else get this error? i plagues me. i tried everything to fix it. deleted pref files, changed gfx settings, updated. easily reprodicible and happens often. no idea what causes it. what i do is minimize the app, open it up and its fixed i can see the side tabs but if i click on an image it blacks out the sides. frustrating problem.


      lightroom black error.jpg


      its become a real source of frustration, and happens quite often.

      can anyone clue me into hwo to fix this?>


      steps I've taken thus far:

      i have deleted lightroom and resintalled it.

      deleted pref files

      when into pref and changed/disable gfx card acceleration

      tried removing smartview thumbnails previews and or 1 to 1 previews, basically dumb it down as much as possible,

      delete my catalog and make a new one

      ran clean my mac, hoping ti would remove temp files causing issue.

      and the final nail....restore my imac to factory settings, reload macos sierra and install lightroom, create new catalog, import images...and bam...same issue.

      i give up. what else can i do??


        Model Name: iM

        Model Name:iMac
        Model Identifier:iMac14,2
        Processor Name:Intel Core i7
        Processor Speed:3.5 GHz
        Number of Processors:1
        Total Number of Cores:4
        L2 Cache (per Core):256 KB
        L3 Cache:8 MB
        Memory:32 GB

        Memory: 32 GB