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    Forcing 32 Bit Mode for CF

      I need to use ODBC drivers to access some Excel spreadsheets. On my production box I am running Server 2008 64 bit and CF standard which is 32 bit. The 32 bit CF application can chat with the 32 bit ODBC drivers quite nicely.

      The problem is my development box. I am using the developer edition on Server 2008 64 bit but because no serial was entered on the install CF installed as a 64 bit application. This means that CF cannot talk with the 32 bit ODBC drivers and in fact will not even "see" the drivers in the CF administrator.

      So, is there a way to force the developer edition into 32 bit mode during the install?

      I would think that the developer edition would install as the lowest level edition which would be 32 bit and would restrict the IP addresses as it currently does.