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    updated to the latest AE CC, and Mocha AE CC is broken/different?


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      hi im a lecturer at the University of Derby on the VFX course, we have an enterprise CC license,

      i was working on a planar tracking tutorial in CC 2015 (I have it installed on both of my macbook pros).


      i worked through the pipeline i know,


      draw x spline,

      track shot,

      Align selected surface (only seemed to initially work if i do this)

      export track - after effects corner pin,

      then go over to the first frame of my after effects comp,

      create new solid (same size as comp)

      edit - paste.......

      at which point my new solid (in the updated version) is totally wrong, and completely out of position, not tracking at all ans seemingly going in the wrong direction.


      the exact same work flow works perfectly on my other mac running AE CC 2015.


      Has something changed, am i missing something simple?


      I've reinstalled 4, maybe 5 times!.... i've deleted the AE preferences, reinstalled again... its the same, incorrect result.


      any thoughts?