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    Lightroom does not notice ACR Camera Raw changes to DNG

    blwegrzyn Level 1

      When I open DNG file in ACR and update it, lets say with new white balace, the light room does not show me a warning that meta data was changed.

      Is there a way to get that warning back?  I can read new meta data and it works fine butt warning is missing.


      Also, when I work on files in DNG in Lightroom , the Lightroom does not always save the metadata to DNG so Bridge can see the updates right away.

      It seems like if there is too many changes within 1 minute Lightroom does not write to file and does not update the meta data.

      If some time passes then Lightroom will update the meta data, but before that only catalog contains the changes, so if catolog would get corrupted changes would be lost. To overcome this I must force meta changes with command+S on the mac.  Is this normal or meta data should be updated immediately after new adjustment is performed?


      I am experimenting between bridge and Lightroom so this is why i asked above questions.

      Until i decide my workflow i want to make sure that metadata is nicely updated between two.