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    How to precisely set position of video on screen?

    joeg23308597 Level 1



      I am a new user and am trying to figure out how to move the video around on the screen to a specific position.


      For example, if I add a video to my project and then in the preview window I click on the video image I get small 8 blue squares around the perimeter by which I can grab and drag to resize the video on the screen. I can also grab and move the video around on the screen. My problem is that after moving it or resizing it, I wanted to put it exactly back in place, but I can't see how to do so. I could eyeball it, but I am assuming there is a way to precisely put it back without eyeballing pixel perfect placement which is hard to do.


      Also, sometimes I want to move the video up a certain distance from the bottom of the screen (to add in some text without clipping the bottom of the video). Is there a way to precisely move it up X pixels? This is basically the same question as above...just another use for the same feature...a feature that I cannot find.


      Any help would be greatly appreciated!