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    Copy a Pop Up Window

      Hey Guys,

      Looking for some help. Currently I'm working on a sample dynamic flash site that has an html page contenting all of the text. Within the flash site there are areas where a pop window is opened after a learn more button is pressed. I'm trying to copy the pop up window for use in other new topics. The new pop up window is in a differnt section of the website and not on the pop up 1 page. I have tryied to copy the code for pop up 1 and renamed &pop_up_title8=TEST, &pop_up_txt8=-TEST. How should a go about this? Thanks.


      For instance:


      &pop_up_title1=Company Profile-read more
      &pop_up_txt1=- Consider using a professional firm to handle all of your IT needs with the benefit of a team of technicians available to handle your issues. Applied Computer Technologies (ACT) can be your answer.
      ·We are a computer consulting firm offering technical support and on-site part / full time employees.
      ·Our employees average more than 13 years in the computer technology industry.
      ·You get the knowledge and experience of an entire firm maintaining, monitoring and upgrading your system versus one person.
      ·You do not pay for insurances, vacation and sick days, or for down time as you would for an employee.
      ·ACT can support an existing IT infrastructure to assist in major upgrades for better efficiency and to cover for understaffed departments.


      on (rollOver) {
      on (releaseOutside, rollOut) {
      on (release) {
      _root.scrHEIGHT = 10;
      _root.scroller._x = 300;
      _root.scroller._y = 150.7;
      _root.TM_title = _root.pop_up_title1;
      _root.READ = 1;
      Text Text