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    How to Manually apply Lens Profiles on TIF files?

    devonv86350835 Level 1

      Why am I not able to use certain Lens Profiles on images that are not RAW? I understand that LR would not be able to detect the lens used for the image because of that info being lost after becoming a tif, but why can't I just manually select the specific lens profile in the custom setup from the list? For some reason, you can do that with only a small selection of lenses. If LR already has the lens profile for distortion correction, why can't I just use at anytime with any image? Doesn't make sense to me.


      If you're having a hard time understanding my problem, here is a detailed example:


      I shoot real estate. I use a Tamron 15-30mm f/2.8 for Canon EF. This lens has been on the supported list for a while. My editing process involves blending photos and bringing them into PS and then to LR again, creating a TIF. I can only make crop adjustments until after doing work on the photo in PS because of the way PS opens them in layers (you just have to take my word on this, hard to explain in a forum and not important). If I tried to do the lens correction on the CR2 files, LR will easily detect my lens and apply the distortion adjustments. If it wouldn't detect it, I can always manually select the lens from their enormous list of supported lenses (Lens Correction>Profile>Setup: Custom and then I select the lens). However, if I try this with a TIF (or possibly anything other than a CR2 file), that enormous list shrinks dramatically and my lens is no longer on it. I can still apply lens profiles from different lens from the shrunken lists, so that would suggest that the fact the image is no longer CR2 is completely irrelevant. If I can apply a lens profile manually from these lenses, why can't I do it with the lens profile of my lens?


      Does anyone have a solution or explanation to this? Perhaps my issue is unique to me? I have LR CC 2015.9 but this has been a constant issue with previous versions.