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    APE 14  Video Importer Error:  “File already exists at: Target Location”.

    Phil.com Level 1

      I am trying to move a clip from a camera chip, MP4, inserted in its slot on my PC, using Video Importer. I have done this many times before. I get an error message “File already exists at: Target Location”. This is a new location, never added anything to it before.


      Video Importer Settings:

      Save In: Correct Location, I checked
      Add to time line: checked
      I can see the clip I want
      Uncheck All
      Check, select, the clip I want
      Highlighted the clip
      Clip appears in preview
      Selected "Get Media"
      “File already exists at: Target Location”


      I tried another clip that worked in another program and get same error message.


      As usual I assume operator error, since I have  done this successfully before, but what am I doing wrong? Very puzzled.


      Thanks! Cheers! Phil