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    Help. [Unable to open Olympus OMD M1 Mk II Raw files in Lightroom CC]


      Help.   I cannot get Lightroom to open up Olympus Raw Files (ORF) from my Olympus OMD M1Mkii .  As far as I can tell, I believe my Lightroom CC is up to date.

      I can open the ORF in Bridge, but not in Lightroom or Photoshop.   Any suggestions????

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          JimHess Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          That camera requires Lightroom CC 2015.9, which is the latest release.  Go to your help menu in Lightroom and report the exact version that you have installed. I suspect that you are probably not completely up to date.

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            stephenh84986101 Level 1

            You are correct....My Lightroom version is 2015.7.   For some reason, I am not able to update my LR version on my own, so I am working with Adobe to enable the update to be installed.    I will reply once that is done later today.   Thanks so much for your help JimHess.

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              stephenh84986101 Level 1

              I'm grateful tha Adobe phone assistance (855) 467-7161 helped me to uninstall my old version of LR and download the newest version (2015.9).   Now I can readily bring ORF raw files into Lightroom!!!!
              Thanks for your help.