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    Terrible performance in LR - Fantastic in PP. What gives?!


      Would love some help with this folks - and yep, I've done everything the FAQ's suggest to increase performance in LR - and now I'm asking the brains trust to see if there is something simple I'm just not seeing.


      Computer Specs:


      i7-6800K running at 4.0Ghz. (yep, 6 cores)

      32Gb DDR4 3200mhz RAM

      512Gb M.2 Samsung 950pro SSD (as OS, Adobe, import and edit drive)

      GTX1080 6Gb VRAM

      Windoze 10.


      Have 75% SSD free,

      LR only utilising 8Gb Ram (of 32 available),

      task manager is only showing CPU utilisation of 30% when using lightroom heavily.

      Nil open in the back ground.

      Catalog size is only 3000 images and was optimized today (and every week previously)

      SSD is defragged every week.



      Symptoms: will have an image open in develop pane, click right button on keyboard, wait 3 seconds, next image loads.

      Loading full images, (not small), have smart preview on, and I am utilising the GFX card for assistance and it's still this slow.

      Adjustment brush is unusable because of the lag.


      In retrospect, I booted up my old 2009 Mac Pro (quad core Xeon , 6Gb Ram etc.) and it takes about a half second between images...


      This is really frustrating as I'm sure you can imagine, and I'm just about done with the Adobe suit because of this issue - that said, I do video work in Premiere Pro and Ae and they're both blazingly fast. It just seems to be an issue with LR.




      Thanks folks