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    Sizing problems when placing images from Photoshop

    Wimot Budgen Level 1

      Hi all,


      I'm in the process of setting up a new website and I wanted to structure it in a way so that I have fixed width breakpoints that cover desktop and tablet browsers and then create a fluid width breakpoint that covers mobile browsers.


      The problem I'm having is with the initial breakpoint width. I want the largest breakpoint to be 1200px (page size) and Muse puts 100px either side of this for the browser window which is all fine. I also wanted to use the hiDPI setting across the site so it looks sharp on Retina screens.


      The problem I'm having is when I set up images in Photoshop I assumed that I just have to create them all at x2 the pixel dimensions I actually need. Muse then adds in the code to use either the x2 files or the standard ones depending on what screen it's viewed on.


      So... I have a banner graphic that I want to span the 1200px width of the web page, in Photoshop I have set this image up to 2400px 72dpi. When I place this image into Muse it brings it in at 1024px?? Does anyone know what it chooses 1024px from a 2400px image? When viewed in a browser on a Retina screen it looks fuzzy as well which isn't ideal!


      Any help will be greatly appreciated!


      Kind Regards