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    unable to activate computer

    Anne McCormack

      Good morning Friends

      I have a new laptop and am trying to install Digital Editions after having used it for some years on previous machines.

      I input my Adobe ID details but receive an error message:

      Code: E_ADEPT_REQUEST_EXPIRED http://adeactivate.adobe.com.adept/activate2017-03-10T0455:20-08:00%20(1489150520000)%20is %20before%202017-03-13TO3:11:13-07:00%20(1489399873464)

      Digital Editions encountered an error on the activation server

      If anyone can help with this I'd be very grateful.  I've been trying to access the scores of books I've purchased for some time.  My last laptop was so old nothing would load so I've bought a new one with the same problem.


      Thanks in advance.