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    Wrong settings for numbered headlines?


      I work in InDesign CC 2015 books with two or three layers for different languages. The concerning Manual consists of approx. 150 pages (per language) and 14 documents. One is used as Table of Contents with succeeding chapternumbers. The paragraph styles are synchronised but the chapternumbers in the table of Content do not follow to each other: within the document they work perfect but in some cases the following document gets the wrong number! But the page numbers are always correct!!

      I was already searching if there were hidden texts and numbers in another layer, but nothing. They seem to be "clean".

      My Workaround is to force the very first headline in the document to start with the number it is supposed to have, but that's crazy and leads to confusion and a lot of additional work.


      Does anybody have a solution for this Problem?

      Regards Monika