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    InDesign Paragraph Styles Not Functioning Properly

    kcelsi1999 Level 1


      My problem is that when I apply a paragraph style, it does not apply the proper effect.  For example,  I select text that is say Arial regular 12 pt grey and create a new style.  When I apply the style to a paragraph, the text becomes Arial Bold 12 pt green.  If I go into the style settings, the style is set at Arial Regular grey, but it appears as Arial bold in the document.  It doesn't seem to effect the size, just weight and color.


      This is not happening with character styles, only paragraph.  I thought it was a bad font, but I've tried it with a couple of them and it is happening with all of them.


      I've tried deleting preferences, restarting and opening a new file, but none worked.



      Thank you.