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    Cup Coffee


      Hey at all,


      I'm new in this community. I came from Germany and my English is'nt perfect.


      i sent this Picture to Adobe and they said me, that it doesn't look well.




      What did you think about it?


      Thanks Frank

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          Szalam Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Your logo watermark wasn't on the image you sent them, right? If so, that's why.

          The photo is also a bit small, but I assume that you just didn't upload the full version here.

          Otherwise, I like the photo, but there are a few issues.

          The shadows are too dark. There is no detail - it's a bit too "crushed".

          The coffee beans look sharp, but the cup - especially the coffee inside it doesn't seem to be quite in focus.


          I think the overly dark shadows are the reason it would be rejected. It's a fairly nice image otherwise.

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            etknoggin Level 1



            thanks for your comment. It's right that i sent this photo withour a watermark.


            Now when you say the Cup and the coffee are not sharp, i see it too. Although the darkness in the shadows.

            Therefore many thanks.


            Greetings Frank