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    Saved my .PSD file, but upon opening all my layers are GONE

    Larty Level 1

      So I was working on something pretty important for school. I saved it as a PDF once so I could print it and turned the check mark off at the "keep photoshop ability" thing in the PDF dialog box (So not in the save as box, but the dialog box you get after you choose .PDF and say save) cause it was going to be used for simple print, then I re-saved my photoshop file that I had open as a .PSD file since I noticed it had changed the file name to that of the .PDF, I even checked if it still had the layers, and it still had them.


      I close the program, I return to it an hour later and all my layers are gone. They all merged together as one background layer. When I had last saved it the layers were still there, yet now there aren't. I tried going to the properties of the PSD file, to see if there were previous versions, but there was nothing. I tried looking in the Autorecovery, but yet again NOTHING.


      I dont know what I did wrong, since the layers were still there when I had SAVED my PSD file... This was a very important file with schoolwork and everything that I had in hidden groups and layers are gone.


      I dont know if anybody else has had this problem and if this can be fixed....