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    I am American living abroad, and I can't use Adobe Stock online in English. Help?


      I'm an expat in Germany. I can kind of speak German, but just for everyday life- not for managing accounts. When I log into Adobe Stock photos online, everything is in German. There is no option on the page to change the language to English. So then I'll click on my profile (top right), and everything switches to English. Adobe has my main language saved as English in my profile. Then I go back to the Stock site, and it's in German again. Is there something that I'm missing? Can I fix this? Please help!


      Sidenote: I know I can use Google translate on the page. I don't like doing this, because 1.) I shouldn't have to- my main language is English, and 2.) If you hover over a word for .0012 seconds before clicking, Google will show the original translation, and then you can't click it. It's not the worst thing in the world, but it is frustrating. Will this happen when I go to Croatia and Greece in a couple of months? Because I can't read in those languages AT ALL.