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    textfields not exporting when I export a book to PDF

    -trick Level 1

      I have an Indesign book with 15 documents in it.  Each doc has anywhere from 1 to 8 pages a piece with fillable textfields.  When I export the book to PDF (making sure that interactive PDF is selected) I get some fields that work and some that don't.


      When I export each doc out individually, then combine them in acrobat, every field works fine.  The problem with this way is my hyperlinked TOC.  I have a TOC that links to docs in the book and exporting each doc out individually screws that up.



      So my questions are:


      1.)  Has anyone had an issue like the first part?  Where the textfields just don't work?  And how do you fix it?




      2.)  If I exported each doc out individually, does anyone have an idea how to get the TOC to work?