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    Additional Metadata button doesn't come up - how do I edit metadata?

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      I have Adobe Acrobat 9.0. I think it should allow me to edit the metadata in a document, which I've never done. I work on a PC.


      I go to File, Properties, Description, and everything is there except that Additional Metadata box that everything online shows is supposed to be there. If I look at the Security Tab, it says there is No Security on the follow, but the Show Details box is grayed out. There's nowhere to click to add security if I wanted to do that. Below, it says everything is allowed except for Page Extraction and Document Assembly. This is on a simple test PDF that I created myself, so I know someone didn't put security on it. I also have an older set of instructions that shows an Initial View tab, but my software doesn't even have that tab.


      How can I add metadata? Where has the button gone? Anyone familiar with how to do that in Adobe Acrobat 9.0?