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    Publish collection auto-advance bug?

    bhousto90 Level 4

      I have been experiencing a bug? for some time when using library filtering in a Publish Collection and the resulting photo auto-advance if an item gets removed from view after metadata modification.


      To replicate it:

      Create a Publish collection (Hard drive, Flickr or Zenfolio etc.)

      Place 5 or more photos in this collection.

      Apply an identical rating, color label or keyword to at least of the 4 photos

      Use a library filter to display just the photos that match the above.


      So, then I have for example 4 photos A,B,C,D (each rated 2 stars) that are displayed in the filtered publish collection.

      If I change the rating of photo A to have a single star,

      Photo A gets removed from the display and selected photo in LR then auto-advances to photo C instead of the expected photo B.

      (It moves 2 positions forward instead of 1)


      I have repeated this in LIghtroom 4.4, 5.71 and CC2015.9 on my desktop (Win7) and also with LR C2015.8 on my laptop (Win10).

      The behavior does not change with the Auto-advance menu setting checked or not or with CAPS Lock on/off

      I have also tried resetting LR preferences and using new/different catalogs.


      However, without any LR setting changes it works as expected to advance only 1 photo forward if you repeat this using a regular collection or file folder with the same photos/library filter criteria.


      Can anyone else replicate this? I opened a bug report several years back to report it but at the time it was not repeatable.

      Lightroom: Rating change filtered autoadvance issue in Publish service | Photoshop Family Customer Community

      If you can repeat this yourself, please add your vote/comment in this bug report.


      It looks like "get next photo index#" is being queried after the changed item is removed from the library filter view and not before.