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    Why WordPress has updated my site?

    bernard andrél93184018 Level 1

      Hi, there was a site that was developed by a site design company for one client. It was made with WordPress and lots of programmation. It was rejected by the client., they asked me to created a brand new site. I used Muse and widgets developed by Adobe Muse, Muse-Themes.com and MuseGain.com. As far as I know, they do not use WordPress at all. My client received an email saying "Salutations ! Your site with the address <my client web address> has been automatically updated with WordPress 4.5.7. I did not received that message, probably because I am not the owner of the site. My client is curious and they ask me, what the message means.


      So, the only thing that I can think of is that somehow there is a linkage between the domain name of my client and WordPress. The domain name registration with GoDaddy but it is hosted, like all the sites that I have developed, with HostUpon. The client's domain name will also be transferred to HostUpon soon. What do you think? Thank you.