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    Acrobat DC - Justify with-out hyphenation


      Is there a way to turn off hyphenation in a text box? When I was using Acrobat Pro XI (11) I could go to the advanced options and select the check box "do not add Hyphen" (or something like that), But in this new Acrobat DC I do not see it or any advanced options like that when editing text.


      I have paragraphs in columns that are justified and acrobat is automatically adding hyphens that are not wanted.

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          Dave__M Adobe Community Professional

          Are you typing in the PDF, or is the hyphenation coming from the PDF creation process from another application?

          If the hyphenation is inherited from an authoring program (MS Word, for example), you'll need to turn it off in that program and re-make you PDFs.  I just tried to type in a few text boxes in a PDF file, and no hyphenation occurred on its own.


          Any additional info you can provide, or screenshot would be helpful in troubleshooting your issue.


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