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    2017.0.1 release - Artboard/Transparent BG?


      After the most recent update, I'm having trouble understanding one of the most fundamental elements of PS. 


      Creating a new document (1200x1200 px, RGB, 8-bit color), something I've done thousands of times before, yields a blank document.  However, instead of a "Background" layer, I'm now given an Artboard, and a blank layer. 


      Since I work a lot with transparency, this is a bit of a puzzle to me.  I'm seemingly unable to figure out how to delete the background layer (as I have in the past), to reveal a transparent canvas, which - in turn - I could then save as a PNG (with transparency).


      I'm sorry if this was discussed previously, I'm just continuously flabbergasted by Adobe's insistence to change things that have always worked fine. 


      Many thanks for your help!