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    Slideshows not showing - making for not a great show....




      I'll start by saying that I generally love MUSE. It's giving me skills that as a non-coding designer I've always struggled with in the past. BUT, couple of headaches for me at the moment.


      I have a design website, and a level behind that, I've always hidden an e-commerce site (for e-books that I publish). Both needed a redesign.


      I redid the design site in muse. ALL GOOD.


      Then I re did the e-commerce store as a separate muse file. I exported to HTML, then uploaded via dreamweaver FTP so that the automatically issued file/folder names don't clash and can sit a layer behind my design site.


      Now my slideshows are now not working. I've checked - files have all uploaded in the images folder.


      view here... Welcome to the Vegie Smugglers shop


      Is it something with the export/upload? Is there a way I can tell muse to direct upload to a directory behind my existing site?




      Any ideas anyone?


      THANK YOU!