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    Please help me with "Adobe InDesign CS6 has stopped working"


      Suddenly I cannot open CS6 (for PC). I worked fine when I last used it a couple of days ago, and now I get this when I try to open it: "Adobe InDesign CS6 has stopped working". This is an absolute catastrophe for me. I cannot afford to buy a newer version, and I'm worried that years of work are going to be lost.


      The last time I used CS6 I placed some images in a file. That's all. I didn't install any weird fonts or do anything else. I've tried uninstalling and reinstalling and resetting the preferences using Control+Alt+Shift (I can't do it manually because I can't find any info on where they are in Windows 10).


      Can anyone help? I'm desperate to fix this. I'd even be willing to pay Adobe support, but I don't even see where that's possible. They don't offer phone support at all for CS6.