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    Clearing Cache and Removing collections is not clearing up IOS memory usage.

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      Two of us are using the latest versions of IOS Lightroom mobile. We use it extensively with thousands of images and we also use raw image capture on our phones etc. and import raw images via the camera connectors, but picked up that the storage has grown significantly. 


      Removing offline edit, removing collections and clearing cache does not clear up the memory used by Lightroom mobile on IOS.


      using IOS 10.2.1 on iPhone 7, iPhone 6s, iPad Pro 9.7

      Lightroom Mobile 2.7 AC2B42


      The only way to completly remove the storage was the uninstall the App and the storage then went from 60GB to 500MB.


      This is not the way to work


      Seen on other post that this was apparently fixed in v2, but this is clearly not the case.


      Please advise if this is still a bug.