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    Data merge script


      Hi all.


      Just wondered if you thought the below would be achieabable via scripting?  this would be a paying job

      if so.



      A Base indesign file with fields set for data merging.


      A folder with a group of txt files for merging (for example Liverpool, London)


      When you run the script it does the following


      Create merged indesign file and runs a selection of find and changes/scripts

      and then saves into a file called (merged timetables)


      Do you think this is possible?


      Thanks in advance



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          Kasyan Servetsky Level 5

          Hi Steve,


          Yes, it's possible. Recently I made a similar project. In my opinion, data merge is a a poor man's automation feature so if you write a script, you don't need data merge because scripting is much more flexible: it's even possible to read data directly, say, from Excel and put them into InDesign. Regarding the InDesign documents, the main difference is you have to use script labels in templates instead of setting fields for data merging.


          — Kas

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            Can you please provide script code which replaces data in csv file with the placeholder in the InDesign template?